Introducing Kaya Evelyn

March 23, 2011 § 11 Comments

Ok, so lets start with the facts:

1. My fantastic wife gave birth to sweet Kaya Evelyn on St. Patrick’s Day, 2011.  Ariel was our amazing doula.

1b. I bet it hurt more than I can ever imagine.

2. Kaya tipped the scales at 7lbs and 8oz and at 20 inches is probably ready to sign up for the WNBA.  She’s more of a point guard than a strong forward.

3. Yes, I’m ridiculously happy, lucky, humbled.  I mean really, I spent hours balancing Kaya on a stuffed turtle.  She is a pisces.

4. We didn’t find out if she was a she until the big day.  That was fun.  I don’t believe we’ll have any shortage of pink dresses.

5. I heard that we’re already number one on the regional cute baby list.

6. She’s already part of Red Sox nation.

7. She smiled at day 3 – Beale genes.  I think it would have happened in two days had she had a cheesehead hat on her.

8. She loves Roxy and they talk often.

9. I know, I know, this pose is illegal is thirty California counties – but not in our house!

10.  I think I’ve seen this look before… many times.

11. Like daddy, she likes to streak late night searching for a cheap burrito and the next afterbar – Naumovich genes.

12. She’s got some beautiful long fingers for finger cracks – let’s call ’em hybrid genes.

13.  There’s nothing unlucky about this number today.  I feel like the luckiest dude alive.


§ 11 Responses to Introducing Kaya Evelyn

  • Yana says:

    Is that really the infant Sox hat? It’s HUGE! Beautiful pics all around – thanks for sharing!

  • Adam & Anna Ziskin says:

    FINALLY SOME PIX!! Well Done. So ridiculously adorable. Not sure I would have posted that #9, not because of the pose to the baby, but dude, you have ZERO tone to your arms these days…

    Congrats & Love from Minneapolis! Can’t wait to meet her. Keep posting photos.

  • elisevans says:

    Beautiful, Lech. What a lucky gal she’ll be have to have an elk for a dad.

  • Anna Naumovich says:

    This is most beautiful baby girl I seen in my life so far.I am proudest Grandma in the whole world!!!

  • seal says:

    so amazing to see these photos! I am so thrilled for you both!

  • Gail Gibson Sheffield says:

    So happy for you both – can’t wait to meet this beautiful little leprechaun!

  • Jesse Schreier says:

    Beautiful kid. I think she is definitely number one on the regional cute baby list. Girls are the best! Super psyched for both of you!

  • Shawn "East Coast Daddy" Kane says:

    Nice work Dre, great shots Lech, a beauty of a baby… So stoked for you all!

  • mark fisher says:

    so beautiful!! SO happy for you both. Beautiful pictures. lots of love from mark and kristi

  • Laurie Gibson says:

    Right now she looks just like Daddy! (Well, except for that hairline. . . .) Thanks for letting us come and play in the photo lab with her this weekend. We had a grand time.

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